Confused by the Bus Routes? Here’s a map.

Rutgers Bus Routes (pdf)

It’s probably too late for confused freshmen, but better late than never amirite?


Also here’s PDF for your printing needs.

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A Raritan River boardwalk? Rutgers plans major campus makeover

A rendering of a proposed bicycle and pedestrian bridge that would connect Rutgers-Livingston campus to the reconstructed heart of the College Avenue campus. (Contributed by Rutgers)

A rendering of a proposed bicycle and pedestrian bridge that would connect Rutgers-Livingston campus to the reconstructed heart of the College Avenue campus. (Contributed by Rutgers)

Rutgers University officials unveiled part of a new physical master plan today that would transform the sprawling New Brunswick-Piscataway campus with dozens of new buildings, roadways and a boardwalk along the Raritan River. The grand proposal, which is still little more than a wish list for Rutgers, also includes a new dining hall… [Read more…]

WeirdU: Stan the Inspirational LX Driver

WeirdU is a new video series on YouTube, created by Jon Zucker and Alex Bigelisen and produced by Rizzooo Productions. In the show, Alex and Jon travel to college campuses across the United States to “take you inside the traditions and quirks of college life that make the years so memorable.”

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Charter schools association files ethics complaint against Rutgers professor, SOSNJ founder



Contending that a Rutgers professor and public schools advocate has used her position, title and state university resources to wage a personally driven campaign against them, a group representing the state’s charter schools has filed an ethics complaint against the Save Our Schools NJ co-founder. The complaint, filed with New Jersey State Ethics Commission, charges Julia… [Read more…]

Professor uses ‘Seinfeld’ characters to teach Rutgers medical students about psychiatry

Seinfeld Teacher
It’s 9 a.m. on a Tuesday morning at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and 10 medical students sit around a conference table covered by coffee cups and clipboards. Preparing to start their morning rounds, the students chat about what they watched on television the night before. “Jerry’s girlfriend doesn’t like George,” third-year student Marlene… [Read more…]

Compromise Between State & School Yields Smaller Board of Trustees at Rutgers

College Hall
With consent from Rutgers’ two university-wide governing boards, members of the New Jersey Senate and General Assembly voted yesterday to shrink the university’s board of trustees, presumably ending a multiyear power struggle between the state and the school. After several attempts by Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-Gloucester) and others to impose changes on Rutgers’ governing structure… [Read more…]

Rutgers poll: Garner grand jury was wrong but Brown’s may have been right

Brower Die-in
A majority of the New Jersey residents surveyed in a Rutgers-Eagleton poll say the grand jury in the Eric Garner case out of Staten Island should have indicted police officer Daniel Pantaleo. However, views about the Michael Brown case in Ferguson, Mo. are divided, with no majority opinion but more respondents supported the grand jury than… [Read more…]

Colleges would be penalized for mishandling allegations of sexual assaults under Assembly bill

New Jersey colleges and universities that fail to properly respond to reports of sexual assault could be fined up to $50,000 under a bill passed Monday by the State Assembly. The bill (A2118) grants the attorney general the power to impose a fine if it’s determined that a school mishandled a complaint made… [Read more…]

Rutgers Board of Governors supports reducing number of trustees

The Rutgers Board of Governors on Tuesday gave its formal support to a landmark reduction in the number of people who serve on the university’s Board of Trustees. The governors passed a resolution endorsing legislative changes, coupled with bylaw changes approved by the Board of Trustees, that will cut the trustees size from 59…

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RU Week in Review: New App Lets You Track Classes for Registration

Rutgers Course Watcher

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Aaron Rosencheck and Mike Melchione have developed a Google Chrome extension, dubbed the “Rutgers Course Watcher,” that tracks the status of courses as they fill up or become available, reports The Daily Targum. The information about a particular class is updated every 60 seconds and sent via email alerts to students’ inboxes as soon a change in registration status is detected. You can find the “Rutgers Course Watcher” extension here.

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