RU Week in Review: Ray Rice, LGBTQIA, Narcan, and Cancer Money

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RU Week in Review: Class is now in session

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Well, syllabus week is officially over. For those of you who actually went to your classes this week, just remember: the buses aren’t always this crowded – except maybe the LX. Anyway, here’s some stuff you may have missed:

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Rutgers Is Not Stealing Your Refund Check


Correction: This article originally stated that the glitch originated from the Office of Financial Aid. This is incorrect. The system error did not occur on the Office of Financial Aid’s site. The system error occurred in the Student Accounting Services system. Furthermore, refund checks are issued at Student Accounting Services’ Cashier’s office (the department is also known as The Office of Accounting, Billing, and Cashiering), not at the Office of Financial Aid.

A glitch in the Student Accounting Services system caused a faulty disbursal of refunds. Naturally only a glitch would be capable of forcing Rutgers to give more money back to their students than was appropriately due. The “Notice Regarding Student Accounting Refund” e-mail sent to students on September 5th explains that any students who aren’t registered for electronic refunds will have a check waiting for them at the Office of Accounting, Billing, and Cashiering.

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A Contentious Nip/tuck for Mine St


"Don't worry, we'll just be taking some affordable housing and parking spaces and replacing them with inflated cost of living," said the fictional DEVCO representative.

“Don’t worry, we’ll just be taking some affordable housing and parking spaces. We’ll be replacing them with inflated cost of living,” said the fictional urban developer.

Slices of New Brunswick’s citizenry, homeowners, Iron Workers Local Union members, residents, and Rutgers students and alumni spilled out into the hallway of New Brunswick’s city hall at 7:30 PM on August 12th. The pews in the assembly room were packed tight and the walls were lined with people who came to weigh in on the construction of a four story apartment building at 17 Mine Street. Attorney Thomas F. Kelso pleaded with the Planning Board to find a space that was better equipped to handle the night’s roughly 130 attendees, but as a result of the overwhelming turnout – and the utter lack of space – the meeting was prematurely adjourned and postponed until September 9 only to be postponed again on Sept 1, with no date set for the next attempt.

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RU Week in Review: Back to School

College Avenue on College Avenue Campus in New Brunswick

Welcome to the RU Week in Review, a weekly roundup of Rutgers-related news and information.  Click here to sign up for our newsletter and have the RU Week in Review delivered directly to your inbox each week.

According to the Rutgers University website, Sakai received a big upgrade on August 21, 2014. The update to Sakai 10 involves several new and enhanced features, including a “completely redesigned, bulk update of syllabus items” with an accordian view that allows users to view a “table of contents style” display of course information. Other updated features include drag-and-drop support for adding files in all browsers, peer assessment and group submissions of assignments, along with performance improvements and nearly 2,000 bug fixes.

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5 ways NJ’s on-campus smoking ban is gaining traction

New Jersey lawmakers are looking to ban this sort of behavior on the state's college and university campuses.

New Jersey lawmakers are looking to ban this sort of behavior on the state’s college and university campuses.

On May 8th, the New Jersey State Assembly Higher Education Committee advanced a bill that would ban smoking on all New Jersey college campuses. Here at Rutgers, the administration is reexamining its policies on smoking as it enters the Big Ten Conference. While the drive to ban smoking on colleges, or at least make the practice inaccessible and inconvenient, is nothing new, a number of developments are bound to happen over the summer. Here is a the breakdown of the push to make Rutgers a smoke-free campus.

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Bishop Quad arches to be saved, Facilities unveils new renovation designs

The main archways at the Quads.

The main archways at the Quads. Photo by Elijah Reiss.

On April 5th, the university released the plans for the renovated Bishop Quads on College Avenue. The dormitories, built in the late 1920’s, needed to be updated to meet modern fire code. They have sat empty for a few years now and there are plans to reopen them in Fall 2015. The new designs planned to remove the archways between Wessels and Leupp, Leupp and Pell, and Pell and Hegeman. They were to be replaced with modern glass boxes that would accommodate alternate stairwells.

After a month-long battle for the preservation of the Bishop Quad archways in light of their proposed demolition, the preservationists have won. It has been decided that the arches will indeed be incorporated into the renovated dorms which are set to open in Fall 2015.

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Watch Live: “Rice At Rutgers” faculty and student teach-in

Since her selection by the university’s Board of Governors back in February, Muckgers has watched closely as the debate around Condoleezza Rice-as-commencement speaker raged. Editor Joe Amditis wrote a comprehensive, in-depth article about the issue. We livestreamed a campus-wide, RUSA sponsored debate between members of the Rutgers University Debate Union. Last week we watched (and recorded) as president Robert Barchi responded to the concerns and criticisms of student protesters under the #NoRice flag.

Today, we’re livestreaming a teach-in, hosted by students and faculty, on Rice and the university decision to honor such a controversial figure. Tune in and voice your opinions in the comments section below.

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#52 Eric Legrand Sees Commencement Offer Revoked


Photo Credit:

UPDATE: Turns out Legrand will be speaking at commencement. President Barchi has released a statement, saying: “It was never our intention that Eric would be the only speaker. We have resolved that miscommunication and are delighted to have him participate.”

On Monday night, Eric Legrand, graduating senior and former Rutgers football player paralyzed during a 2010 game, tweeted that he had been offered the opportunity to take the place of Condoleezza Rice as this year’s commencement speaker. That news was accompanied by news that the offer to speak was pulled from him just two days after it was made. In an interview with the Washington Post, LeGrand says Rutgers Athletic Director Julie Hermann said it was for “political reasons.”  [Read more...]

VIDEO: Watch President Barchi respond to #NoRice protesters at Friday’s U. Senate meeting


Around 100 protesters showed up at Friday’s University Senate meeting to confront President Barchi on the administration’s selection of Condoleezza Rice as commencement speaker.

On the heels of ongoing protests by students and faculty — the most recent of which took place yesterday during the University Senate’s monthly meeting — former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has announced that she will not be speaking at commencement on May 18th.

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